Can’t find a part?

When parts are added to goatleg

Goatleg gets its data from Rebrickable, and Rebrickable gets its data from LEGO.

LEGO does not use descriptive names for minifig parts. Instead, they just give them a generic name and a number. When Rebrickable first adds the parts to their database, they use LEGO’s generic names and assign a temporary part ID number. Later, Rebrickable adds a descriptive name for the part and updates the part number.

Goatleg waits until the names and part numbers have been added in Rebrickable before including them in the search. This means many very new parts will not appear in goatleg. Since most searches on goatleg are for older parts, this is the best way to reduce maintenance time updating records.

To browse the parts on Rebrickable that have not yet been updated, follow these links: