Torso search


There are nearly 200 LEGO colors, and each LEGO site uses its own names for them. Goatleg uses color families instead, grouping the many shades of colors by common color names. Here are some things to know about the color families:

  • Skin tones (nougat, flesh, etc.) and tan colors are in the Brown-Orange family.
  • Gold and silver colors (including pearl gold, flat silver, etc) are in the Metal family
  • Transparent colors are in the family of their base colors (Trans-red is in the Red family, for example).

Searching for torsos

The torso search uses the color families of four parts of the torso assembly: the body, arms, hands and decoration. Enter the base color of one or more of these parts to filter all torsos by that color family. Here are some tips:

  • It is sometimes difficult to tell the base color of the body when it has extensive printing on it. One easy way is to look at the top of the head stud where the logo is.
  • For torsos with arms or hands that have different colors, or are of different molds (one robot arm, one hook for a hand, etc.) select “odd” for the arm or hand color.
  • Used torsos sometimes have arms and hands switched, so if you do not see a match, try removing them from the search
  • Use the decoration colors to refine your results. Not every color used in the decoration is tagged. This is an OR search, so you can select more than one.