About goatleg

  • Goatleg is based on data from the Rebrickable catalog. Data is used according to Rebrickable’s terms and conditions.
  • Goatleg is not affiliated with Lego, Bricklink, Brick Owl or Rebrickable.
  • Goatleg is free.

A brief history of goatleg

Goatleg was the first website to create an independent, color-based search tool for Lego. Launched in 2014, it was originally a simple form that posted search queries to the Bricklink catalog. Bricklink has undergone several changes since then, some of which broke goatleg’s functionality. After several redesigns to keep it running, it was decided to stop relying on Bricklink’s aimless web development and create a more resilient free-standing search tool. The raw data for goatleg comes from Rebrickable, an excellent, community-based site that opens its catalog for everyone to use. The data is then reformatted by goatleg for use in the search. Images are linked from Rebrickable.

Who is behind goatleg?

Goatleg is a one-person operation. I have been buying and selling Lego online for over 20 years. While I don’t exactly keep it a secret, I do not link from goatleg to my online shop because the purpose is not to promote my business or to make money – it is simply to help other Lego collectors, buyers and sellers find things a little more easily.